St John the Baptist Parish Church

Where a warm welcome awaits you

Receiving Communion

The ministry team thought it might be helpful to inform newcomers and any who have forgotten some of the customs we have evolved over the years to ensure that things go smoothly.

  • When receiving the Wine, please hold your head up, and feel free to guide the tilt of the Cup by raising one hand to the foot of the Cup.
  • If you are receiving a blessing, or only receiving the Bread (possibly because you have a cold or a sore throat), please remain where you are until the person to your left has received the Wine.
  • Then, unless you are in the very centre of the Rail, please return to your seat by the long route indicated by the arrows on the diagram above.
  • If the member of the Welcome Team sees you need help coming up the Chancel steps he or she will have been instructed to help you come to the centre, and will help you down again after you have received Communion.