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The Churchyard

Garden of Remembrance


The Rt Rev Andrew Proud, Bishop of Reading, led a beautiful service to bless the Garden of Remembrance on 11th August 2014.

Following the service we enjoyed a glass of wine and slice of the fabulous cake made by Gwen Stevens for the occasion.

The Garden is now available for use. Do have a look at the Garden and see the new Book of Remembrance inside the standing feature. 

Remembrance Book - In Church

The Remembrance Book is situated in the Remembrance Table in Church, just outside the entrance to the Lady Chapel. Names of loved ones who have died and who usually have had some association with Crowthorne can be recorded there under the appropriate month. We are very grateful to Mike Warnes who has been doing this job for many years now and much appreciate his work.

We do ask for a donation of £20 for this which is put towards the flowers for the Lady Chapel and those that always grace the table so beautifully throughout the year, (except , of course, in Advent and Lent) Please talk to one of the Ministry Team if you wish to know more.

Gillian Gyenes

Care of the Churchyard

The Churchyard team works hard to provide a place of beauty for visitors.

The Churchyard is of significant importance to the people of the parish, and the Church is grateful for the recognition given to this by the Parish council in making grants towards the upkeep of the Churchyard. We are also grateful for the assistance being provided by Bracknell Forest Homes to install our new Garden of Remembrance. 

The Churchyard attracts many visitors. Most of these are local families, visiting and caring for the graves of their relatives. Some people travel a great distance to visit. There are graves of significant historical importance in the Churchyard and these attract further visitors.

The Berkshire Family History Society has invested considerable effort over three years to document and present information for those seeking to know more about their family history. See the separate article about the CD which has been produced.

The Church Office deals with requests for information about the location of the resting place of loved ones.

About the Churchyard

The Churchyard of St John the Baptist Church has been used as a resting place for those who have died since 1873.

Historically, the Churchyard was the burial place for every resident within the parish.

The original churchyard was to the immediate north and south of the building, with the main area being the triangular area to the east between the church and the village. These are now called Old North, Old South and Old East.

In 1893 a 72 foot strip of land, to the west of the church was donated and 5 years later the rest of the land as far as Church Road West was purchased. Memorial tablets to record interments are located beside the path to the north of the church and also in the east.

Since 1971, Bracknell Forest has provided the Bracknell Cemetery and Crematorium as an alternative. Nevertheless, anyone who dies in the parish or while resident in it is still entitled to burial there. These rights apply to anyone, irrespective of whether they had any church or Christian commitment.  

Read more: About the Churchyard

Catalogue of the Churchyard monuments

Peter Beaven has spent three years cataloguing the monument and inscriptions in our Church and Churchyard, on behalf of the Berkshire Family History Society. He has produced an amazingly detailed record of memorials from 1683 - 2011. This includes details of the memorials inside the Church and burial details of those listed on the war memorial at the Lych-gate. There are photographs of each memorial and a plan showing the location of each grave.

Read more: Catalogue of the Churchyard monuments

Church records

The Berkshire Record Office holds most of the historical records for St John the Baptist Parish Church in Crowthorne, including wedding, baptismal and burial registers. The Church holds current and recent registers. It also holds a burial index and associated maps. Enquiries concerning family history should be directed to the Church Wardens. Please see the “How to contact us” page for contact details.