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Weekly News

Continued use of Weekly News

The first edition of Weekly News came out on 19th March 2020, some 16 months ago. Since then, it has gone out every week to over 250 people, 220 by email and around 30 by personal delivery. Thank you to all those who deliver the news to people at home.

Producing the news in this way has several advantages:

  • It gets to more people,
  • It gets to people who cannot come to Church
  • It is more timely, being weekly rather than monthly
  • It saves a lot of paper and cost in printing
  • It is done on-line so it is easier to share the editorial load

For these reasons, the Church has decided to continue with this method of distributing the news. The Weekly News is supplemented by the Website and by Facebook and Twitter, especially when we wish to reach a wider audience.

St Johns News was renowned for its excellent content. During lockdown we have all been very limited in activities. As a result, the news content has also been limited. We hope that, as activities restart, we will be able to provide more content and keep you abreast of all Church activities. You can help the editorial team by emailing anything you feel might be included to .

Church Office Team

If you would like to sign up for the weekly email distribution click here

Weekly News

Date Link

29th April 2022

Weekly News - 20220429

22nd April 2022

Weekly News - 20220422

8th April 2022

Weekly News - 20220408

1st April 2022

Weekly News - 20220401

25th March 2022

Weekly News - 20220325

18th March 2022

Weekly News - 20220318

11th March 2022

Weekly News - 20220311

4th March 2022

Weekly News - 20220304