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Ministry Team Page

Interregnum for St Johns

After fifteen years as our vicar, the Rev Dr Lisa Cornwell has accepted a Ministry Training post with the Guildford Diocese. We wish her well in her new ministry.

St Johns is now in an interregnum. This means that many things which the vicar used to do will need to be done by others. If you need to contact us, please email the Church Office or call 01344 773808. 

Our Licenced Lay Ministers will share the task of providing a weekly column. 


Ministry Column

This week I would like to share with you a beautiful poem by Sheila Pope from 'Even angels tread softly' - a Mothers' Union anthology of poetry.

The Mystery of Autumn

I am a tall tree with my feet in the ground,

where I feel safe and basically sound,

the birds nestle in my leafy bowers,

O', how I love to shade the tiny flowers,

but when the days are turning cold and foggy,

I knw my roots feel strangely boggy,

for this is the time for my leaves to change,

as if a new chapter has turned the page,

my precious leaves will soon be red and golden yellow,

giving a soft touch, that tends to mellow,

but later my leaves will fall to give new birth,

for this is my sacrifice to the earth,

to enrich the ground for seeds to grow, 

at my tangled roots deep down below,

so this is my sacrifice I bring each season,

for God has His special reason,

He gave us Jesus, a sacrifice to bring new life,

to all who believe in His love and peace, delight!

Carol Frost (almost a Licensed Lay Minister)