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St John the Baptist Parish Church

The Giving Tree

St John the Baptist Parish Church The Giving Tree

Each year during Advent we have a Giving Tree in the entrance hall of the Church.  This year we shall be raising money for the Bracknell Night Shelter which is run by Pilgrim Hearts.  Pilgrim Hearts is a Christian organisation devoted to helping marginalised people, and those with disabilities, from all walks of life and from all backgrounds, races, and religions to reach their full potential and to explore their gifting and worth through the use of the creative arts. The Bracknell Night Shelter is open from December through to March.

It is frightening to realise how many rough sleepers the are so close to us here in comfortable Crowthorne so please do support this cause. Please write a Christmas greetings tag to all members of the congregation and put your donation in the bucket next to the tree. Please gift aid if you are able. 

Hazel Berry

Pilgrim Hearts urgently need volunteers to help in the December to March period, see www.pilgrimhearts.org.uk