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Style of Worship


If you are thinking about coming to St Johns, but are not familiar with our style of worship, then this page is for you. We hope to give you a feel for what happens at St Johns. If you have any questions, please call 01344 773808 or email the ChurchOffice and we will try to help you.

The main Church service is on Sundays at 10am and everyone is welcome. There is ample car parking space and we have access for pushchairs and wheelchairs. There is no charge for the service, but there is an opportunity to donate towards the work of the Church. It is a good idea to come in good time so that you can be settled and have a few moments of quiet before the service starts. 

The service is a Sung Eucharist, which means that we have organ music and a robed choir to accompany the congregation. You will be given an Order of Service, so that you can follow the service, and a hymn book with the words of the hymns. Some of the responses in the service are also sung. 

Very young children are accommodated in a creche area at the back of the Church and primary school children meeting in the hall during the service and join the main congregation for the Eucharist. Pushchairs and wheelchairs can be accommodated.

The service is divided into sections. We start by preparing ourselves and ask God for forgiveness. Then we have the liturgy of the word, which involves several Bible readings and a sermon of around 10 minutes, followed by a statement of our faith, and prayers for others in need. The next part is the liturgy of the Sacrament, where we remember the Lord's supper, break bread and drink wine to remember what Jesus did for us. People not able to receive the bread and wine may receive a blessing instead, or simply remain in their seats. The final part is the Dismissal where we are sent out into the world to live out our faith. 

After the service we gather for tea/coffee in the hall and a chat. This is the time when we can chat to visitors and find out more about each other. 

On Wednesdays we have a spoken service using The Book of Common Prayer, which dates from 1662. The service has a quiet meditative atmosphere