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St John the Baptist Parish Church

Study Resources

Coronavirus means that many of us are finding that we have more time at home. We may feel lost without our normal activities. However, this is an opportunity to take some time to read the bible, or undertake some study. 

Aids to reading the Bible

For many years now members of St John’s have used Bible Reading Fellowship notes in print form, however, I recently discovered that are other ways in which the notes are available from the BRF.  “New Daylight” is available as a daily e-mail or iPhone or iPad App, “Guidelines” is available as a download, a weekly PDF e-mail, an iPhone or iPad App, “Day by Day with God” is available as an iPhone or iPad App and “The Upper Room” is available as a download.  Also, because the downloads are in PDF format they can be loaded onto a Kindle.

So if you go to: http://www.biblereadingnotes.org.uk/subscriptions/ and then click on the notes you are interested in and keep clicking you can find the information you want.

Also don’t forget that Anna Forbes would be very pleased to hear from anyone who would like to start receiving any of the notes in print form.

Are you interesting in reading the Bible in one year? If so, check out the websites which help you do this. Here is one of the sites to help you see what is available:


The Church Library

Lent is a good time to think about our faith; and in the library there are a number of books specifically written for Lent. Some of which have daily readings for Lent. If you take one such book out you are welcome to borrow it for the whole of Lent. 

Alternatively, you could take out one of our books on the environment, to enhance the 40 day challenge in the “Live Lent Care for God’s Creation” booklet, produced by the Church of England for Lent 2020. Our books on the subject include both fiction and non-fiction.

One non-fiction book that has recently been donated on this subject is: Greta Thunberg’s “No One is Too Small to Make a Difference”. The introduction says “It is Greta’s first book in English, collecting her speeches from Climate rallies across Europe to audiences at the UN, the World Economic Forum and the British Parliament”. I think it is an inspiring book.

The books are there for everyone to use so please do borrow one or more books.

To borrow a book, just sign it out in the note book that is on the Library shelves.

Quench bookshop

There is a very special christian bookshop at Holme Grange. Like many small businesses, the current times are especially hard. They have a wonderful selection of christian books and now might just be the time when you have time to sit down and read one. 

Click here for more details