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St John the Baptist Parish Church

Special services

Café Eucharist

10 am Sunday 16th February in the Church Hall…

St John the Baptist Parish Church Special services

Theme: Consider the lilies…”

What to expect: 

St John’s Café Eucharists are more relaxed, social and creative than our regular more formal worship. This does not make it any less significant, in fact, it becomes more so as it takes us to the heart of the social dimension of the Eucharist. Jesus instituted the Eucharist within the context of a meal at the Last Supper. The early Christians also shared Holy Communion as part of a meal. Our usual post service coffee is integrated into the service. When you arrive go to the kitchen hatch to collect a coffee and something sticky to eat and find a place at a table. We “go paperless” for the service, which will be projected on the wall using powerpoint. Hymn books are still available. The Eucharistic Prayer used is an interactive Common Worship child friendly version. Communion (real bread on this occasion) is shared at the tables.