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Repair and renovation

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported our ongoing programme of repair and restoration.  We have already achieved great things with the roof, heating, AVS and organ – an amazing legacy for future generations at St John’s.

Our last project was to restore our stained glass windows and repair the lead lights windows.

We are extremely blessed to have two Charles Eamer Kempe windows at St John’s. Kempe was an acknowledged leader in the stained glass field both in the UK and North America. He liked to work in late medieval/early Renaissance style and his work is distinguished by his detailed face painting.

The Kempe Lady Chapel window of the Madonna and Child was vandalised some years ago damaging particularly the beautiful features of the Virgin Mary.

Our Kempe East window depicts the life and mission of St John the Baptist but unfortunately there are six areas of glazing that have been repaired with white glass therefore looking unsympathetic to the surrounding stained glass.

Kempe began his career in stained glass with Clayton and Bell the leading studio of the early Victorian era and we have three of their stained glass panels in the window of the baptistery. The Clayton and Bell figures are obscured by the ferramenta bars and we are hoping to have the lower sections removed. The lead light windows have multiple minor issues. The windows are no longer secured in the stonework and this contributes to water ingress.

Salisbury Cathedral Stained Glass undertook the above works.

The windows have now been restored. We thank God for enabling us to complete this task. 

St John the Baptist Parish Church Repair and renovation