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Pathfinders (Our youth group)

Closure of Pathfinders during the coronavirus pandemic.

We hope that Pathfinders will be able to recommence soon. We will keep parents informed through the Weekly News and update this page when we can start again. 

What is the Pathfinders group?

Pathfinders is our group for teenagers which meets during the Sunday 10 am service, joining the congregation later for Communion. The group arranges social events for young people too.

Pathfinder news

The Pathfinders are a group of 11-18 year olds who meet regularly to discuss current events and issues of justice, and how our faith in God affects how we view these things and our involvement in them. We also look at stories and events in the Bible and, through our discussions, attempt to gain a better understanding of what they are telling us in terms of God, history, and our own journey of faith.


Our regular Sunday morning sessions start from 09:30 with hot chocolate and a general chat before we move onto our main discussion point for the week. This year we have established a Pathfinder Leadership Team made up of a number of our 16-18 year olds. One member of the team leads the main discussion and associated activity. This is proving to be a really successful formula for developing communication and cooperation between all members of Pathfinders.


The Pathfinders also contribute to the worship at St John’s through their participation in Youth services, Harvest Festival, the Crib Service, Fathers’ Day and Mothering Sunday services, Tea and Favourite Hymns and the CTC Christmas service at Pinehurst. In addition, a number of the Pathfinders are part of the acolyte team, whilst others sing either in the Choir or in the GLorEE Group.

Social events include the annual Bonfire Party and the Pathfinders Christmas Party.

If you would like to know more please click here or send a message via our contact page.