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Pastoral Care

As the body of Christ we are urged to care for one another and it is the role of the Pastoral Visiting Group to help the Vicar in this ministry.  The Pastoral Visiting Group tries to look out for any in the congregation who may need visiting or other pastoral care.  Some of the members of the Pastoral Visiting Group and others in the congregation welcome newcomers Sunday by Sunday and try to integrate them more fully into the life of the Church, if they so wish. We appreciate that people live very busy lives and may not be able to attend regularly, but it would be helpful if you have any pastoral concerns for others or yourself, to let us know. We send pastoral cards on special occasions, happy or sad, but of course, we have to know about these in order to do so. 

The members of the Pastoral Visiting Group are: Jean Butler (Minus Fives/10am); Carol Cain (10am); Julie Cavell (Choir and 10am); Lisa Cornwell (Vicar); Ann Cottrell (MU & 10am); Carol Frost (MU); Gillian Gyenes (LLM and Children and Young People/ Safeguarding); Willoughby Jones (8am); David Ramsbottom (Associate Priest); Christine Rees (MU); Julie Richardson (Housegroup & 10am) and June Todd (MU &10am). 

You are welcome to speak to any of these people or to the person on duty at the Welcome Table each week.

Contact the Pastoral Team