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Vicar's Column

By Church Office ( ) St John the Baptist Parish Church

Tuesday, 17 November 2020


St John the Baptist Parish Church Contributor


The American elections seem interminable, although, I think we can now be pretty confident of the outcome. It is a shame that Donald Trump is unable to take a leaf out of his predecessors’ books and concede defeat more graciously. Hubris over humility remains his style. His unsubstantiated cries of foul play threaten the very fabric of democracy. Alas, as portrayed in the infamous Netflix drama House of Cards, or the more recent BBC offering Roadkill, politics can court those motivated more by self-interest than altruism. In 1st century Palestine, the tyrannical Romans demanded unswerving loyalty to the Emperor. The authorities felt threatened by a Jewish rabbi, who had a following and was creating a stir challenging the unjust structures of society. The new King on the bloc, however, was not motivated by wealth and power, but by a desire to serve. His was a kingdom of peace and justice. Christ the King will be celebrated this Sunday as Kingdom Season draws to a close. We will also be joined by a guest speaker….

Rev Dr Lisa Cornwell

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