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Vicar's Column

By Church Office ( ) St John the Baptist Parish Church

Tuesday, 29 September 2020


St John the Baptist Parish Church Contributor


For those of us who are forward planners, this extended period of uncertainty is particularly taxing. We long for certainty and control. Instead, we are having to resign ourselves to short term planning and the possibility that even those plans might be disrupted.

The Israelites spent 40 years disorientated in the Wilderness before they reached the promised land. That was an awful long time not being able to see the next stage of their existence. However, God’s presence was visible as a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. With no marked route on a map, their task was to follow God’s presence.

With familiar landmarks far behind us and new ones not yet visible on the horizon, what God does reveal to us is his presence. If we have the patience to dwell in God’s presence, then one step will be revealed at a time. We can also use this time to ponder our situation. What is God teaching us through it and, as we journey on, what things should we contemplate changing in the future?

Rev Dr Lisa Cornwell

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