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Vicar's column

By Church Office ( ) St John the Baptist Parish Church

Monday, 21 September 2020


St John the Baptist Parish Church Contributor


I wonder how many of you watched Extinction The Facts, aired on BBC 1 last Sunday night. If you have not done so, I would urge you to catch up on I-player. It is sobering viewing. According to David Attenborough and a band of scientists, it is highly likely that human behaviour is responsible for Covid 19. We can’t blame God for this one. Our destructive relationship with the natural world has caused global warming and put the biodiversity of the planet in jeopardy. Numerous species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate. Rainforests continue to be set alight to create space for intensive farming to produce feed for cattle that we should be cutting down on. Governments around the world were warned of the consequences of our actions some 30 years ago. Little has been done because of a preferment to prioritise capitalist interests. We need to act now and fast.

A couple of weeks ago, another documentary, War on Plastic, was also depressing. It will come as no surprise that our response to Coronavirus has seriously set back our plastic reduction measures. Plastic face masks are now choking marine life along with all the other plastic waste.

In recent years, the Church has demarcated September as the season of “Creationtide”. It is an opportunity to focus upon the need to care for creation in our worship and live this out in our daily lives. At St John’s this will culminate in our celebration of Harvest Festival on 27thSeptember. Alas we won’t be able to sing our favourite Harvest hymns this year, but you may be treated to one or two tunes on the organ. Do come along and take this time to give thanks for God’s provision, and to reflect upon and repent of the ways in which we have strayed from the Judaeo-Christian teaching to be good stewards of creation.

Revd Dr Lisa Cornwell

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