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Vicar's Column - October 2018

By Church Office St John the Baptist Parish Church

Thursday, 4 October 2018


St John the Baptist Parish Church Contributor


What is the Bible?That is the title of a book by Rob Bell a group of us discussed at our recent book club evening and horizons were expanded. (Not only due to the wine imbibed.)

The word Bible comes from the Greek Biblia, which means “books”. The bible is a whole library of “God-breathed” (2 Timothy 3:16) books, written in different genres. They span countless generations and yet there is an underlying thread/unity to the narrative. The books of the bible contain all the rawness of human experience and an evolving God-consciousness.

It is important to study the scriptures and not to be scared off by the tricky bits. It is good to grapple, question, discuss and debate. Rob Bell believes the best question to ask when reading the bible is: Why did people find this important to write down?

Reading a portion of scripture, no matter how short, on a daily basis is a good spiritual discipline. Prayer and bible reading is the life blood of the Christian life. Many people find bible study notes to be a helpful aid for this – you can order these through Anna Forbes. Alternatively, there are various apps, such as “Pray as you go” for electronic devices. You need to figure out what works best for you, for your temperament and lifestyle.

As we persevere with reading the bible we discover that the Spirit of God is still active in the world today and one of the ways that God speaks to us is through these ancient texts. So dive in and see where it takes you.

Rev Dr Lisa Cornwell

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