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Vicar's Column - July 2018

By Church Office St John the Baptist Parish Church

Thursday, 5 July 2018


St John the Baptist Parish Church Contributor


We are on a bit of a roller coaster of special events St John’s, with much to celebrate and be thankful for: a lively Father’s day service, involving the junior confirmation candidates, the Patronal Festival, the confirmation service and, of course, the flower festival. This is all on top of everything else going on in our lives.

We can keep up the exciting and frantic pace for so long but then we need time out for recovery, rest and re-creation, in accordance with the principle of the Sabbath. Whether you are having a vacation or a “staycation”, I hope you have a good opportunity to re-charge the batteries over the summer: time to read, reflect, breathe in the sea or mountain air, become aware of your surroundings and company, or just be.

To really slow down and become “present”, you might want to consider going on a quiet day or retreat; a chance to draw close to God – to be immersed in prayer, in a way that the daily hustle and bustle of life doesn’t allow. This can be an important opportunity to listen to God and to our deeper selves. If this is something you would like to explore, have a chat with myself or Hazel.

There are also an array of Christian festivals and conferences on offer to fuel the Christian intellect and spirit. It is important that we have moments when we can step out of the usual routine to gain perspective. Even experiencing a different style of worship can afford us a fresh encounter of God. Worship will of course continue at St John’s over the summer, so do join us when you are around. On Sunday 19th August we will be enjoying a more “chilled out” service with our popular Café Eucharist.

In the meantime, you may find the following acrostic, from an unknown source, a helpful way in to the holiday season:

Slow down

Imagine doing less

Make time for loved ones

Practice patience

Learn to gently say no

Increase your quiet time

Follow your heart

Yield to peace, life, joy.

Rev Dr Lisa Cornwell

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