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St John the Baptist Parish Church

Church Leadership Team

Ministerial Team

Name Title Telephone

Rev Lisa Cornwell


01344 772413

Rev David Ramsbottom

Associate Minister

01189 736374

Lewis Simmons

Licensed Lay Minister

01344 775829

Gillian Gyenes

Licensed Lay Minister

01344 773682

Hazel Berry

Licensed Lay Minister

01344 772578

Julia Norton

Licensed Lay Minister

The Churchwardens

The role of Church Warden is legally and practically vital in the life of the church. Ultimately it is the Church Wardens who are responsible to the Bishop for the conduct of services, the church finances, buildings and the provision of occasional services such as weddings and funerals. In practice this responsibility is shared with the vicar who remains responsible for the vision and direction of the church and its spiritual health and mission. This requires a close working relationship of mutual trust and respect. The Church Wardens are Leigh Welham and Les Richardson.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC)

The PCC is responsible for the financial affairs of the Church and the care and maintenance of the church fabric and its contents. It also has a voice in the forms of Service used by the church and may make representations to the bishop on matters affecting the welfare of the parish. You are invited to consult any member of the PCC on any aspect of Church life.

The PCC at St John the Baptist is elected at the Annual Meeting.

The members of the PCC are: Revd Dr Lisa CORNWELL, Revd David RAMSBOTTOM, Mrs Beccy , Al-JADIR, Mrs Hazel BERRY, Mr N CAVELL, Mrs Lia DAVIES, Mrs Sarah DEWSON, Mrs Carol FROST, Mrs Gillian GYENES, Mrs Diana GRAY, Mrs Anne IRELAND, Mr Richard IRESON, Mr James LAVERICK, Mrs Jenny McKeever, Mr David RANCE, Mrs Julie RICHARDSON, Mr Leslie RICHARDSON, , Dr Lewis SIMMONS, Mrs Leigh WELHAM


Standing:  Revd Dr Lisa Cornwell, Revd David Ramsbottom, Mrs Beccy Al-Jadir, Mrs Gillian Gyenes, Mrs Hazel Berry, Mr Les Richardson, Mrs Leigh Welham, Mrs Mary Harwood 

Fabric:  Mr M. Thackray, Mr L. Gyenes, Dr. L. Simmons,   Mr D. Chater-Lea,  Miss Anne Mohan, Mr C Watson, Mr L Richardson      

Missions: Mrs H. Berry, Mrs C. Taylor, Mr. K. Perrett, Mrs. Gini Cope, Mrs W. Allerton, Mrs Tracy Perrett, Mrs Carol Frost, Mrs D Gray, Mrs J Richardson, Mrs J McKeever.                                                                                      

Outreach:  Mrs Julia Norton, Dr.L. Simmons,  Mrs J. Pope, Mrs C. Frost,  Mrs A Ireland, Mrs L Butterworth. 

Pastoral:  Mrs C. Rees, Mrs. M Wade,  Net Rep, Pathfinder Rep, Minus Fives Rep, Mrs P Rickards 

Safeguarding: Mrs G Gyenes, Revd L. Cornwell, Miss A. Mohan, Mrs A Kennedy, Mrs L Welham,

Stewardship:  Revd Dr L.Cornwell, Mrs J Sharpe,  Mr I. Lobley, Mr L Richardson, Mr S. Pope, Mr N Cavell

Social:  Mrs J. McKeever,  Mr R. Ireson, Mr N Cavell, Mrs J.Pope, Mrs S. Sumner, Mr. L.Richardson, Mrs L Welham, Mrs L Davies.

May Fair:  Mr M. Thackray, Mr D. Rance, Mr L.Richardson, Mr B. Turner, Mrs L Welham, Mrs J Laverick, Mrs D Gray.                                          

Worship  Revd Dr L.Cornwell, Mrs H. Berry, Mrs. G. Gyenes, Mrs E. McInnes, Mrs Z. Barrett, Mrs M. Wade, Mr I. Rogers

Safeguarding Officer: Mrs G Gyenes.

Communications Group: Mrs S Dewson, Revd Dr Lisa Cornwell, R Ireson, L Lobley, K Perrett, L Butterworth, J Laverick. 

Deanery Synod: Revd Dr L Cornwell, Mrs G Gyenes, Mrs L Welham, Mrs C Frost, Mrs J McKeever