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Do come and join us at our last Housegroup meetings for 2019 - Monday 25th November and Monday 9th December at 7.30-9.00pm. 

The St John’s Housegroup continues to meet at Oak Lodge and has around 15 regular attendees.  We begin each evening with refreshments which, in December, will have a festive flavour.  Then join in with a few worship songs with the aid of Alexa. This is followed by our bible study. We are about to begin a new theme of Women from the New Testament who are as diverse as women are today.  Looking at Elizabeth who graciously received a good gift from God influencing those around her and challenges us to care wholeheartedly.  We will look at the lives of Mary and also Priscilla who made contributions to the early church.  We will look at Jesus and his interaction with women.  In the early church, women are respected by the apostles. Lydia shows us how to use our influence and others such as Eudora and Syntyche found in the book of Philippians. 

Each session is separate so you can dip in and out as it suits your diary, however there will always be a warm welcome especially for anyone new wanting to join us. 

Julie Richardson