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Do join us in Church on 18th April for the third week of Easter

You are welcome to join us for the service at 10am. Please wear a mask.

Click here for a reminder about what to expect when coming to the service

The service will be recorded and available shortly after the service. Please click to listen on Soundcloud. 

We gather together on Zoom after the service at 11:45am. Click here to join in. 

Private prayer

The Church is open for private prayer from 10am until 11am on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Wednesday morning service will be at 10am on the first and third Wednesdays of the month. 

We will continue to communicate with our community by means of the church website, email, Facebook and Twitter. 

If you would like to add your name to the weekly news email circulation, or need any further information, please contact the Church Office by telephone - 01344 773808 or email

Annual Parochial Church Meeting 

The Annual Meeting of Parishioners (AMP) will be held on Sunday 25th April 2021 in the Church following the service at 11:45 a.m.


1.       Opening Prayers
2.       Apologies
3.       Minutes of the Vestry Meeting of Parishioners 2020
4.       Election of Churchwardens

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting of the PCC to be held immediately following the AMP.


1.       Minutes of the 2020 Annual Meeting of the Parish
2.       Matters arising from the Minutes
3.       Approval of the Annual Report and Accounts
4.       Report on changes of numbers on electoral roll
5.       Presentation of Parish Reports
6.       Elections:
          Parochial Church Council
7.      Appointments:  
         Hon Secretary,        
         Hon Treasurer,      
         Hon Independent Examiner
8.      Notices       
9.      Closing prayers
The date for the first meeting of the new PCC will be Tuesday 27th April at 7.45 p.m.
Please make every effort to attend the APCM. This is your opportunity to participate in important decisions about how, and by whom, the Parish is run. There are expected to be vacancies for 5 new members on the PCC. There are also vacancies for many of the sub-committees.  Would you be able to stand?   Nominees must be:

  • At least sixteen years of age
  • Actual communicants
  • On the Electoral Roll of this Parish for at least six months.

To vote at the meeting you need to be on the Electoral Register. Tracy Perrett is preparing the electoral register please contact her if you would like your name added to the register.  You need to have returned your registration form by Friday 9th April to qualify to vote at the meeting.
If you wish to stand for nomination to the PCC, or if you wish to nominate a candidate (with their prior consent) please contact the Vicar or the PCC Secretary.  Candidate details, when known, will be published in the weekly newsletter.
Mary Harwood
PCC Secretary

Streaming live services from Church

Through the lockdowns over the last 12 months we have had a huge team effort within the church to record content which can put together for our church service videos made available on YouTube early Sunday mornings.  For the short period we were back in church last year, we recorded the audio from the service and uploaded this to SoundCloud which was made available Sunday afternoon to those unable to attend in person.
We are now planning our return to church in April; therefore a limited number of pre-recorded video services are currently planned before we can all be together again in person (socially distanced).
Our AVS system in the church was designed to provide the best experience for people within the church and allows us to record in high quality based on the various microphones and audio sources we have available to us.  But we understand that the congregation have enjoyed our online video services and many would like them to continue, as not everyone will be able to attend in person as from April.  Recording the current online videos takes a lot of effort from a large team which would not be possible on top of performing live services once we return to church, therefore we need to look at other options.
One option is to look at live steaming our services so those at home (unable to attend in person) can worship in real-time following along with the service.  Rather than pre-recorded content, those at home would see and hear in high quality what is happening within the service to try and provide a virtual worship as close as possible to in person from the comfort of your own home.
Live streaming brings a number of challenges.  For example, we would want to include all of the existing audio inputs such as lapel, stand, organ and choir microphones so we can transmit these all over the livestream with the same quality as we have come to expect within church.  We have a number of locations within the church where different parts of the service are performed.  Such as the altar, pulpit, reading desk and so on.  With a single static camera we would not be able to capture all of these locations unless we had a single view from the back of the church, but that would include many of the congregation within the picture and make it very hard to see what is happening at the front.  Another option utilising a single camera is to have camera operator who moves around during the service to capture everything as it happens, but this would spoil the service for those people in church as they would possibly have someone obscuring their view of the service.  This option would also require two operators, one to operate the camera and another at the back of the church to manage the live stream.
Therefore, a better solution is to have a new high-quality camera installed by the projector at the back of the church which has functionality to pan, tilt and zoom.  This will enable pre-set locations which the camera can be moved and zoomed to, at the touch of a button.  A new computer system would be installed at the back of the church with all the controls to operate the live stream and would use audio from the existing AVS system.  This would work just like a mini television studio where we can go live on YouTube at our predefined time, switch between different zoomed camera views, send high quality audio and even show presentation material within the live steam which normally would be shown on the big screen.  Essentially providing the same high quality video content which our congregation has come to expect on a Sunday morning.

It would not just be limited to Sundays either; the live streaming could be used anytime to stream any type of service online within the week.
We have enquired and received a quote from the company who installed and maintains our AVS system to provide all hardware, perform the installation and train us in the software to provide the outcomes described above.  The total cost of such upgrade is £7,110.00 excluding VAT. Being a Listed Building, we are able recover the VAT.  
We are interested to know what our congregation think about this.  Is this something which you would find of value?  Do you have any suggestions how we could fund this project?  Do you have any other comments or would like to understand more about the possible upgrade?
Please send us your feedback to the church office email address below:
James Laverick & Ken Perrett
St Johns AVS team members