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Hardship Fund

Hardship Fund

Coronavirus restrictions have had an adverse effect on the finances of many and this fund has been set up to help alleviate this hardship.  The purpose of the fund will be to provide immediate assistance to individuals and families who have a ‘meaningful connection’ with St. John’s to prevent them from falling into new debt directly associated with the impact of Coronavirus.  Clearly the government has a role to play in supporting people over the long term, but it is expected that for some this help will take too long to establish and leave them in short term financial difficulties.  

Examples of things which may be funded

  • The cost of special food or medical aids or equipment
  • Electricity – to put £20 on a prepayment meter
  • A council tax payment 
  • Medicines – to pay prescription charges – if exemptions can’t be claimed
  • Travel expenses – to attend hospital, doctor or other medical appointments or for visiting purposes
  • Emergency car repairs where car use is essential
  • Payment of fees for a course or travelling expenses to assist people to earn a living
  • Replacing essential broken household items such as a washing machine 
  • Mobile phone top ups of £20 where phone is essential
  • The cost of essential personal items such as school uniform or shoes 
  • Other items which, in the applicant’s circumstances, are considered essential

If you  would like to apply for assistance, please read the attached information sheet and complete and return the attached application form.