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St John the Baptist Parish Church


St John the Baptist Parish Church Fairtrade

We run our Fairtrade stall once every two weeks on average and we appreciate the support you continue to give us.

We stock only a small range of the Fairtrade goods that are available. Although Traidcraft, from whom we get a lot of our stock is continuing to trade, we are finding that some items are not always in stock. But please do continue to have a look at the goods on the stall or even go on line and see what they have on offer.  Traidcraft started in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1979 importing handicrafts and food from impoverished parts of the world guaranteeing its producers a fair, minimum price and improved working conditions.

 We will be ordering some of   “The Real Easter Eggs”. Please consider buying your Easter eggs from our stall. There will be an order sheet on the notice board near “The Net” cupboard. We can even keep them for you, so that you don’t have to find hiding places at home for them!

Thank you.

Anne Pelham