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St John the Baptist Parish Church


St John the Baptist Parish Church Fairtrade

We will be selling Fairtrade goods after the Sunday services on the 4th November and 18thNovember. We currently have in stock succulent Medjoul Dates which come from Palestine via Zaytoun, which is a social enterprise company marketing Palestinian goods.

You may have heard that Traidcraft, from whom we buy most of our fair trade goods, is in some financial difficulties. It has a month to put a business plan together to save the company. Traidcraft was started by 6 people in Newcastle in 1979 based on Christian principles. In an article in the Church Times (28.9.18) the chief executive says “We need the Archbishops to say that trade justice is part of the mission of the gospel, and here is an organisation that is raised on Christian principles that we support - not out of charity, but because it is the right thing to do” 

In a recent email from the company they said “Our Board is currently investigating a proposal which would mean Traidcraft is downsized, but transformed into a fair trade business of tomorrow – fit for purpose (and success) in the 21st century. Traidcraft would maintain its pioneering spirit, and seek to deliver greater transparency and added value to ethical consumers”

The email went on to say that they hope to be able to share with the public a new model and vision for the company on or about the 5thNovember.  

We will keep you updated about Traidcraft and our Fairtrade stall.