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St John the Baptist Parish Church


St John the Baptist Parish Church Fairtrade

The stall will be open after the 8am and 10 am services on the 2nd, 16th and 30th June.

We have our usual goods such as tea, coffee and chocolate. In addition, we have some gardening gloves, which are quite useful at this time of the year. Buying them or other products from our stall will support the ethical company Traidcraft that supplies us.

Traidcraft are about to celebrate 40 years of trading and their CEO, Robin Roth, has recently written:  “When people think about “Fairtrade” they immediately connect it to a fair price, and they assume that the one equals the other.

However, real justice in trade is not so much about what you pay, but how you are treated and how you treat others. For 40 years, Traidcraft has pre-financed goods that we buy from the developing world without charging interest, we have not charged late fees when producers have failed to deliver on time, and we have always, even in the darkest times of late last year, honoured all our obligations. We have not always been treated in the same way.”

Thank you for supporting the stall.

Anne Pelham