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Our appeals


Over the past few weeks, we have all watched daily broadcasts of the shocking invasion of the Ukraine, and witnessed the terrible impact this has had on the people of Ukraine. We have all asked ourselves what we can do about this crisis and how we might help.

James Laverick has a very good friend called Paul. In the text below, James tells story the story of how Paul has become deeply involved in the crisis in a personal way.

At St John's, we have decided to mount a campaign to support Paul and his amazing humanitarian mission. This a way that we can tell the people of Ukraine how much we care about them. We ask you all to consider donating to our Appeal. Monies will go directly to Paul, for the purchase of food, supplies and money for the refugees, and fuel for the transit.  

James will keep in touch with Paul and will provide updates on his mission over the coming weeks. 

If you would like to raise money yourself for this cause, you can also sign up as a fundraiser on our JustGiving site. 

St John the Baptist Parish Church Our appeals