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St John the Baptist Parish Church

Book Club

A review of “A Lineage of Grace” by Francine Rivers.

The book is made up of fictional accounts of five women who appear in the Bible; Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba from the Old Testament and Mary the Mother of Jesus. The author says in her introduction that she has “attempted to remain true to the scriptural message in all points, adding only what is necessary to aid our understanding” After each account, there is a “Seek and Find section” which is a study section.

We met on the 15thMay to discuss this book. The group was very divided in their opinions about the book, some really liked it but others were irritated by it to say the least.  The one man in the group expected it to be a “girly” novel but was surprised that he enjoyed the read. Most of the group thought that it was very readable. Some people read the stories and then read the relevant Bible passage (which were referenced in the “Seek and Find” sections) and were surprised by how similar the story was to what was in the Bible. People thought that the questions in the “Seek and Find” sections were trite and the some thought those sections were cringe worthy.

As the book is rather long we concentrated in particular on 3 of the women; Tamar, Rahab and Mary. Some people felt that these biblical characters were brought to life by the book and that it was therefore helpful. One of the group went to the read another book by Francine Rivers “Sons of Encouragement” based on 5 lesser known male biblical characters. Someone else in the group had read most of the books written by this author who has been on New York Best seller list.

About half of the group recommend the book. If you would like to read it there will be a copy in the Library.

We will meet again on 25th September. The next book is yet to be decided.

Anne Pelham