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St Johns has a strong prayer ministry. The weekly service of worship includes prayers calling on God to help his people across our troubled world. We have a prayer board in the Lady Chapel which is available for people to post requests for prayer for their loved ones. Our Friday Prayer group uses this prayer board as a focus for their prayers. You can also address your requests to

We also post prayers for the Parish each week in the Weekly News.

We have provided some prayers below for the current crisis and hope that people will find these helpful.  

Prayers for the current crisis

In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, especially now that there is the omnicron variant causing so much concern,

On all who tend the sick, counsel the distressed, 

Sit with the dying, or develop medical research

We ask your blessing.

And for those who administer the agencies of health and welfare,

We ask your guidance in all that they do, that

Human worth may be valued and human need fully resourced.

We give thanks for all that is being done at this crucial time, especially now in the development of a number of vaccines which we pray will finally be successful in combatting the pandemic. We pray for patience as we wait to see how we can plan the future in any detail.

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen

We pray for our nation

For all finding isolation so difficult, whether living alone or with family. As the current situation regarding the omicron variant is developing, we give thanks for all those who have heeded Government warnings, however irksome, and pray that this will continue to be the case, especially in this wintry weather. 

We pray that we may all be ever mindful of the needs of others. We pray for those families struggling to feed their children, for the worry and anxiety that this must cause and for a more permanent solution to be found. We give thanks for all those volunteers who have stepped in to help and pray that more may respond where needed.

We also pray for all decisions that are being made about the economy, for our children and young people at school and university. We pray for the students who have had such a very difficult time and for their mental health. We pray especially for all those keyworkers in the NHS, in care homes, in education, in Social Services, the police and supermarket workers and any others known to us, whose own health has been at risk as a result of the vital role they are playing in helping others to stay safe.


We pray for all those who have died

We remember all those who have lost loved ones, often in sad and distressing circumstances. Be with them Lord in their grief. We give thanks for all those in the NHS, including hospital chaplains, who tend the sick and dying and who bring comfort to them, their relatives and friends. We give thanks that as the vaccines and lockdown have taken effect, we see the numbers coming down and more families being saved the anguish of losing loved ones. We give thanks that the vaccination programme has now reached so many and for the dedication of those involved in carrying it out. We pray that the booster programme will be successfully rolled out to as many as possible.

Through Jesus Christ,Our Lord. Amen.

We pray for our Parish

We pray for our parish and we ask your blessing on us and the decisions that have been taken for the good of all. At this New Year, as we move through the Vacancy and look forward to better days to come, we pray we may work together for the good of all and, with your help, as far as is possible, to secure the smooth running of the parish. Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen

For further prayer requests please email